How Can I Start with Your Hosting Service

This article will walk you through a typical MAClusters journey in minutes. We also provide a video guide.

1.Create a MariaDB application

With a registered Cloud Clusters account, you can deploy a MariaDB instance in minutes. We offer a free trial for most applications we support. MariaDB is on the free trial list. For detailed steps to create a MariaDB application, please see Creating MariaDB application. To deploy a MariaDB database, please log in to the control Panel and click the "order now."

2. Setting up MariaDB application

After creating a MariaDB application, you need to set it up by Creating Databases & users. Databases and users are prerequisites for connecting to and managing your MariaDB application. By default, we create a root user to make it convenient for you to connect to MariaDB. You can also connect to your MariaDB database with a newly created user.

3. Connecting to MariaDB

Once finishing the setup, you can connect to your MariaDB. We have also put together an article about troubleshooting connection issues to help resolve possible connection issues. If you need further assistance, feel free to let us know.

4.Import Data to MAClusters:

If you have existing data at other providers or your local, and you want to migrate it to MAClusters, please see MariaDB Migration. We recommend transferring data using FTPS. If you need any help with the migration process, feel free to contact us. Our expert team will be happy to assist you for FREE. If you are starting your MariaDB from scratch, you can insert your data right after step 3.

Database management scenarios

In our Control Panel, we provide many tools, including FTPS、Shell/SSH. Those can be used in many scenarios to facilitate the management of your MySQL:

1.How Can I Create Database User with Cifferent Permissions

2.I Want to Migrate a Database to Cloud Clusters from Current Provider or Local PC

3.I Want to Download a Backup of MySQL Databases to My Local

4.How Can I Connect to MariaDB Database?

5.How Can I Limit Special IPs to Access MariaDB Database

6.How Can I Change MariaDB Configuration File

7.How Can I Troubleshoot MariaDB Connection Issues

8.How can I Add or Remove Resources for my applications

9.Activating a suspended application

10.How to Cancel an Application

11.How to Restore an Canceled Application

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