How Can I Connect to MariaDB Database

Once your MariaDB hosting is set up at Cloud Clusters, you can easily connect to your new deployment using a shell terminal, command line syntax, or GUI tools. You can find instructions for MariaDB connections in the following documentation.

Connect via Web shell:

The web shell is a shell-like interface that enables a web server to be remotely accessed via command lines. The feature has been integrated in our client panel so you can connect to your MariaDB conveniently.

Connect to MariaDB via Web shell

Connect via GUI tools:

A GUI tool makes it easy to manage MariaDB databases visually, without having to manually type SQL commands. It is much easier to use for beginners. Below we list guidance for connecting MariaDB via several commonly-used GUI tools.

Connect to MariaDB via phpMyAdmin

Connect to MariaDB via WorkBench

Connect via programming languages:

Connections to databases are managed using database drivers, which enable applications written in different programming languages to interact with the database management system. Check the following KB for connecting MariaDB via programming languages.

Connect to MariaDB via Java

Connect to MariaDB via Python

Connect to MariaDB via PHP

If you have any questions on setting up your connection, the KB Troubleshooting database connection issues might be helpful to solve your issues. If you need further help, or would like to request documentation for a new connection, please reach out to us at

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